Massoud on Jim Moss and Dieter Gruenberg

Massoud came over over to my house for a visit. John “Barwise” Mitchell was supposed to come over as well but somehow, they weren’t able to hook up at Gotesco after getting off the LRT. I was not surprised. John can’t find his way out of a room with one door. Later he called me up cursing Massoud to high heaven, laying all the blame on my Kumpare. But I know better. LoL…

I have a couple of videos that I will post here later. Massoud is still working in the Motion picture and TV industry as a Talent Agent, Caster, Extra and whatever else he can get his hands on. he often works with our Kumare, Lorna Gordon who is Philip Gordon’s widow.

Massoud has probably worked on more films and TV episodes than all of us combined He doesn’t give a shit about credits unlike another person I know who has actually invented his own credits and places himself alongside actors who weren’t even in the Goddamned movie to begin with.. But I digress…

Anyway, I am his daughter,s Godfather and we have been close friends for years and years. He was also Jim Moss’s drinking buddy and he was with Jim up to his last days on the planet. According to Massoud, Jim started to get really skinny in February of 2007. He was often vomiting up black blood and out of breath all of the time. He would walk a few steps and would have to stop and rest. Jim was married to this Visayan girl named Tess, and they had 3 kids. Daniel the eldest (who is now a drug addict), David ( retarded) and later a daughter whi I think is now around 10 years old. Massoud finally convinced Jim to go in for a check up, and later was comitted to a hospital, then released. Finally he was comitted to San Lazaro Hospital in August of 2007 where he passed away. Evidently he had cancer in his heart, lungs, intestines and liver. Massoud told me that he looked like a skeleton with skin. Tess and Daniel ended up going to the US Embassy to claim Jim’s death Benefits which helped to take care of burial Expenses.

The following year, Dieter Gruenberg died from throat cancer. The common denominator amongst them was smoking and heavy drinking.

Massoud fell ill shortly after the National Geographic docu about Pinatubo. He was diagnosed with a couple of abcesses on his liver. Lucky for him he had insurance and was able to get treatment at St. lukes, which is perhaps, the most expensive hospital in the Philippines.

According to Massoud he had seen Romano Kristoff a couple years back, and he looked like death warmend over. Evidently also from all of the drinking he was doing in his restaurant. We lost track of him after that.


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  1. Andrew Leavold Says:

    Welcome back, Kotter!

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