Sa Kuko ng Agila

There was a much deeper story here than was revealed in this article. We actually had to leave town as there were armed groups coming after us.

We went to Olongapo to shoot part ambiance and some establishing shots. I was as usual casted as the “Rapist. We checked into th Admiral Hotel (owned by Gordon’s family) Then we were told to chill out as the annual Mardi Gras for the city was on going.

About 11:00pm in the evening we were told to change into our wardrobe and head for a meeting place on the street. We had brought a few reliable stuntmen with us to provide security.

While waiting to get set up, I was standing along Magsaysay, I was approached by U.S. Armed Forces Police (I have always hated those fuckers) and was told to leave the area. I produced my Actors Guild ID and told them to leave my area, which they did. A couple of local news vans were there, to capture anything that might happen.

I had noticed that both the flower vendors and popcorn vendors all had radios and they were constantly updating some person or persons as to what was going on. A little bit later a couple of Americans in civilian clothing approached me, and again whispered in my ear for me to leave the area., again I produced my Actors ID.

Finally it was time to set up the camera as the Mardi Gras had ended and people were going home except for locals who were hanging out to watch us shoot.

The camera was set up and actors and extras were being blocked into position. Just as we were getting ready to shoot, here comes Gordon in his Mercedes and we had to take the camera down to let him pass. The camera was set up again and everybody into position yet again, then comes a jeepney. The local cops make us take down the camera again. So everytime we set up the same thing would happen all over again with the same players. Finally we were told to return to the hotel.

About 4:00 am the PM, Roger Vivero came to my room and told me to get everybody ready to go, quickly and silently, as word was out that we would be attacked by armed goons.

We ended up shooting the rest of the film in Batangas, Ermita Manila, and we did the Barbcue Plaza scene at the MOWELFUND compund in Quezon City.

After the film came out, I got death threats almost on a daily basis over the phone. Some guy would say, “Don’t go out as there were people who were going to kill me!” My usual response was, “Fuck off asshole!” …and I continued with my usual daily routine.

I was again casted as the “Rapist” on  the 2nd film, “Victory Boy” again with Erap and Marylou Diaz Abaya directing, I even got to do my rape scene, then Pinatubo blew it’s top and the film was shelved!


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