Sobra Sobra, Labis Labis

Well, I have finally been able to download Sobra Sobra, Labis Labis. This is a film I did back in 95 for Viva Films.

I received a call one day from Vic Dabao asking me if I would like to do this film. I told him that I didn’t think I would like too as I was being cast as a nasty rapist killer. I was at that time getting tired of being in stereotyped roles. Then Vic put Turko Cervantes on the phone. Turko did his best to convince me, but I still wasn’t happy about it. Next on the line was Tata Esteban (the director). Tata proceeded to tell me that this was his comeback movie and he would be eternally grateful if I would do a favor for him and do the part of  “Rick Blackwell”. Well I didn’t have the heart to turn him down so I agreed.

I was told I would be acting opposite to Ina Raymundo, who at the time was one of the “HOT actresses in Philippine Cinema. That was kinda cool since she came on the scene doing a San Miguel beer commercial called “Sabado Nights” wearing a pair of stretch pants with no panties underneath displaying what I considered a “Fantastic Ass”!  Later I would be on top of that ass as seen here;

My character was basically a guy who would do “mail order” marriages, then kill his wife for the insurance. From one country to another. In essence a spoiled psychopath mama’s boy who always got his way.

Ina’s character was set up by her mother Daria Ramirez and her step father Daniel Fernando to marry me for a certain fee.

After handing over the cash we go to Manila to “wait” for paperwork, not too mention some fun and games.

We check into the Kanumayan Hotel near Taft Avenue where I quickly start to abuse her which sends her to the hospital.

To be continued…


4 Responses to “Sobra Sobra, Labis Labis”

  1. Andrew Leavold Says:

    What a great find, Nick! But a sleazy film from Tata Esteban? Surely you can’t be serious!!!

  2. Andrew Leavold Says:

    Am downloading it now. Sounds like a hoot! Roy’s with me right now, and he’ll help translate. [Roy says “kumusta ka!”]

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