Bill Kipp’s Death was just a “rumor”!

There is a very good chance that Bill Kipp is still alive.. I decided to do some checking and made some calls! Bill’s telephone is still good and I called and left a voice message. Further I talked with trade publications and they all denied that he is dead. I am waiting for some info to be emailed to me and when I get a reply, I will post it here.

It is my opinion that rumors get started due to irresponsible people who do not check the facts like I am doing now. First I started with a google search and there wasn’t any mention whatsoever about his death. So stay tuned folks and I will get the “real scoop” on what is going on!

Ok, I got confirmation from Dana Stamos of Dojo Usa, that Bill Kipp is indeed still alive and kicking. My most profound apologies to Bill and everybody else.


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