David Light is a MORON!

Yes David, once again you have earned my ire and attention. It was you who started spreading the rumor that Bill Kipp had died! You fucking idiot!

Still chasing the 12 year old Filipinas David? Do the authorities in Boracay know that you are a pedophile? Do they you slimeball?

I am going to devote some time and let the world know what a moron you truly are! As Henry Strzalkowski say’s, you are “dumber than a bag of hammers!”


3 Responses to “David Light is a MORON!”

  1. Bill Kipp Says:

    But Im Not Dead! (Monty Python and the Holy Grail) Im living and well in Colorado.
    And yes David Light is a moron!
    Thanks to my brother Nick for outreaching me.

    I’ll write more but for now its great to be alive and I miss my fellow Pigs in Space like crazy!

  2. Andrew Leavold Says:

    Hi Bill,

    I for one am relieved that all concerned are full of shit.

    Please drop me a line if you ever feel like getting your Philippines adventures on the record!

    Oh, and Nick: still no word on the Manila trip. My producer thinks it’s cute to give me 2 days notice IF I’m going! Hope to see you soon, kumpadre.

    Cheers, Andrew (trash@trashvideo.com.au)

  3. Bill Kipp Says:

    Thanks for the support. Feels good to not be dead anymore::)) And yes David Light always was a bit of a moron. It was great to talk with Nick and reconnect. He sounds the same as ever. And good to hear all the good ole boys, Henry, Steve Rogers, Don, etc. are still alive and well. I havn’t been back to PI since i left the honorous pigs in space in 86. Sad to hear Cyrio passed on. He was the greatest boss ever!

    Curious what you mean by getting my PI experience on the record. (not sure we want ball that occurred to go public. What you got up your sleeve?

    You can email me anytime at billkipp@aol.com
    Thanks and cheers Mate!

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