David Light responds! LMAO

Yes, David has finally come out of his closet and responded to my post at my other blog.
I will be busy this week end with more posts on this idiot! How Henry and Carding Deguzman scared the living shit out of him during the filming of Hell Camp as he was chasing another under aged girl around at the time. How he had a little 12 year old girl in his room in Baguio City during the filming of Kings Ransom and how proud and excited he was when he bought her a little Cowgirls outfit (damn, this is starting to sound like a Frank Zappa song! LoL!) Oh yeah! I’ve got tons more…

I have since removed Davids comments as it is getting to the spam stagethumbs down. It seems that he sent Bill a letter that was almost like a resume. A person could have a Phd and would still be a moron. It isn’t about education, or what jobs you have held. It’s all about how you treat your peers and other people. David does not respect Filipinos or Children, He doesn’t respect his peers. At the end of the day he used to step all over the crew at Premiere and get away with it, as they were afraid to complain to Cirio. This time he is reaching out to Bill in hopes that perhaps Bill would talk me into backing off.laughing smiley

Let me make this abundantly clear David. This is my fucking blog! I write what I want to write, and nobody is going to tell me different. David Light is one of the biggest cheapskate deadbeats that I have ever known, He doesn’t pay back loans that he made, he abuses little girls and when all is said and done he is a fucking slimeball. In his letter to Bill he calls me a buddy! Hey fucktard, we have never been buddies! Ok? Is that clear? Then he accusess me of Envy and Jealosy! Over what? My film credits speak louder than yours douchebag! But here is the ultimate kicker. The only reason you are still alive today is, that during Terror in Paradise, Cirio begged me for two solid hours not to kill you! I said ok, Cirio since you are asking a favor I will let him live. End of the motherfucking story. Now fuck off David!

-Cut To-

*cue Jaws soundtrack

And David still makes attempts to spam this blog, which just goes to show… yep, still a moron!

give a damn


2 Responses to “David Light responds! LMAO”

  1. Eric Spudic Says:

    I love reading your blog! Would love to hear stories about RAIDERS OF THE SUN. Can’t wait for your book. Huge, huge fan of Cirio Santiago.

    • pinoywood Says:

      Welcome to the zoo Eric! Good to see that you are also doing stuff with Corman! I will get around to Raiders of the Sun soon. Thanks for the visit!

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