Coming Soon

“Terror in Paradise” re-write. Previously I had written about Terror in Paradise and that got lost during the move over here. I will be doing that and some other topics as well. Unfortunately or fortunately I am busy with my marketing company right now and I do not have time. I am ramping up for school and trade show sales.


3 Responses to “Coming Soon”

  1. Kevin Gates Says:

    Hey Nick,

    Hope all’s well dude. Also, the Trident Force piece seems to have disappeared in the move. That was very entertaining 🙂



    • pinoywood Says:

      Hey Kevin,

      You know something? You are absolutely right! I will work on getting that back up and running. I lost so much stuff! I have purchased a domain for my marketing business and I found out that I have unlimited space and I can add subdomains. So I will be posting mainly here, and when I get things cleaned up, I will make a sub domain at my site so I can add pics and what not. I would like to hook you up with Eric Spudic as he is also into Horror/Zombie genres and is active in writing and acting.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Kevin Gates Says:

    Thanks Nick! Ahh yes, Eric did Aquanoids! 🙂

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